Tip:13 – Add Link to text in results of Netsuite Saved Search

Most of us must have faced the issue of Record Number/Name not displaying as a link but as a text in saved search results.

When in a saved search result, we need to show Parent -> Child -> Sub Child’s field, its difficult to create saved search on Parent record.

So we approach with saved search on Child Record, so that we can fetch column on Parent as well as its child’s column like:

Parent’s Fields<- Child -> Child’s Fields

But we need to make sure, that the saved search results should appear like the saved search is on Parent’s record.

In that condition sometimes, we won’t get link on Parent’s fields like its Number, its Customer/Vendor, so that on click of the link, we should redirect to Parent’s record instead of Child’s record.

Saved Search

I would link to share my findings on the same issue.


Instead of adding Number/Customer Name/Vendor Name, add Formula(Text) in results column.

Ex:  For Number:

Column: Formula(Text)

Formula: ‘<a href = https://system.na1.netsuite.com/app/common/custom/custrecordentry.nl?rectype=484&id= ‘||{custrecord1401.internalid}||’>’||{custrecord1401.name}||'</a>’

Here remember below points:

  1. Use “<a>” HTML tag for adding link to the specific field in results.
  2. The “href”  value should be the address URL same as to open a new record of that type like: “<a href = https://system.na1.netsuite.com/app/common/custom/custrecordentry.nl?rectype=484&id=
  3. Netsuite uses “||” while adding fields to HTML tags. Use carefully while adding this symbol. Use “||” before and after the field name like ||{custrecord1401.name}||.
  4. ||{custrecord1401.name}|| should always be within single quote() like ‘||{custrecord1401.name}||’.
  5. Use the field within “<a>” & “</a>” like ” ‘<a>’||{custrecord1401.name}||'</a>’ “.
  6. Now add the internal ID field for “id=” parameter in the URL like: ‘<a href = https://system.na1.netsuite.com/app/common/custom/custrecordentry.nl?rectype=484&id= ‘||{custrecord1401.internalid}||’>’||{custrecord1401.name}||'</a>’.
  7. DON’T  use “+” sign while adding id field to the parameter that we generally do for other languages.
  8. Now click Add and “Save & Run”. Now you must be able to see the link on the Number/Name. On click of that, you must be redirected to that record.

Hope this tip will help you.

Comments/Suggestions are appreciated.




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