Tip 11 – Show list of Partially/Pending fulfillement Sales Orders excluding dropship items

Hello friends,

This blog is related to a saved search which includes only sales order which are partially fulfilled or pending fulfillment.

Note: Let’s say if Client is using drop-shipment feature, that means, item will be delivered directly to customer from Vendor, which is nothing to do with client’s inventory.


Item drop-shipment feature can be used in two possible ways.

-We can directly check the Item Dropship checkbox in Item record itself, so that as soon as we add the item to the Sales Order, a Purchase Order will be created and that will be handled as Drop-shipment.

-Another way is to select an item which you want to opt for drop-shipment in that particular Sales Order, and select the “Drop Ship” option in Create PO column. A Purchase Order record will be created which will be used for drop-shipment.

Now let’s start creating the saved search.

Step 1: Create a saved search for Transaction record type

Step 2:

In Criteria:

-Filter 1: Type: Sales Order

-Filter 2: Status: any of – Sales Order:Partially Fulfilled, Sales Order:Pending Fulfillment

Now, to filter the dropship item in the saved search, you need to keep the below point in mind.

-When Item is checked for dropship in Item record, use below filter in criteria:

Case 1 – Filter 3: Item:Dropship Item is Yes

-When Item is selected for dropship in Sales Order record(select Dropship in Create PO column of Sales Order), use the following filter

Case 2 – Filter 3: Purchase Order:Applied To Link Type – is not – Drop Shipment

Remember, if you are using both in Item level as well as in Sales Order lever, use both the filters in “OR” condition using Advance Filter option.

Filter 4: Main Line is false

Filter 5: Shipping Line is false

Filter 6: Tax Line is false

Filter 7: COG Lina is false


In Results:

Add the fields as per your result’s requirement.

Now save and run the saved search and see if you get the desired results.

Point to be noted:

-You can’t get the Create PO column in the filter criteria in the saved search.

-You can’t use Applying Link field in the filter criteria, as it will show all the transaction link that has been processed for the same item in the Sales Order. So, you may get the dropship item, even though you have filtered using the criteria, as it belongs to some other linked value along with dropship as below image.


Hope next time when you get similar requirement, you won’t struggle like me.

Enjoy Coding 🙂