Tip 10: Did you get an error “One or more cc emails are not valid” while running workflow in Netsuite??

While working on a requirement for sending email using workflow, I got an error

One or more cc emails are not valid.

I searched it in SuiteScript Error, but nothing helped.

Setting of CC field:

My requirement was to send email to cc emails which will be dynamic depending upon what user selects. So, I set the CC field(in Send Email action of workflow) value as internal ID of a field({custbody_cc_emails}), which holds multiple emails separated by comma.

When do I get the error:

While testing, I got to know that, I get the error, when user doesn’t select any email for CC. So custbody_cc_emails field is blank.

How to overcome the error:

I never get error on sending email, when the CC field is blank. They why error is coming, when the custbody_cc_emails field value is blank. It should simply carry the null value to CC field in Send Email action.

The Reason is still unknown to me.

But I found the way to get rid of that error, as User may or may not select the CC field({custbody_cc_emails}) in Transaction record. So we need the workflow to be worked in both the situations.

My Approach:

I have updated the Send Email action by setting condition formula as {custbody_cc_emails} is not null.

In this case CC field value is {custbody_cc_emails}.

I have created another Send Email Action, where I set the condition formula as {custbody_cc_emails} is null and left the CC field in Action as blank.

In this way, 1st Send Email action will be executed, when “custbody_cc_emails” field is not blank, and 2nd Send Email action will be executed when “custbody_cc_emails” field is blank.

Isn’t it cool ๐Ÿ™‚




Tip 9: Show Contact Lists in Sales Order to fetch contact emails and name to send email to Contact with cc other contacts in Netsuite

Have you ever got any requirement similar to below and if yes, here is a simple way to achieve it.

Requirement: On creation of a new Sales Order record, Sales Rep wants to have feature, which will allow them to choose a contact from all contact lists(of that particular Customer) to whom email will be sent addressing the Contact Name with some other Contacts as CC instead of sending email to Customer(as a Company) with addressing Company Name.

Current Feature: Currently they are sending to customer(as a company) company email addressing Company name. And there is no option to select other contacts for choosing as CC.

How to achieve it???

Step 1: Create a custom field called Primary Contact which is a List/Record of Type “Contact”. In the field record set the Sourcing as “Parent equals Customer” so thatย  the Primary Contact List will contain only the contacts belongs to that customer only.

primary contact

Step 2: Create a custom field “Primary Contact Email” of type “Email Address” which will hold the contact email when Primary contact field will be selected with a contact.

Step 3: Create a custom field “Primary Contact Name” of type “Free-from-text” which will hold the contact name when Primary contact field will be selected with a contact.

Step 4: Create a “Multiselect” custom field of type “Contact“called “Secondary Contact List” where user can select multiple Contacts. In the field record set the Sourcing as “Parent equals Customer” so that the Primary Contact List will contain only the contacts belongs to that customer only.

Step 5: Create a “Text Area” custom field called “Secondary Contact Emails” which will hold the email address lists respective to selection of contact for CC list.

contact lists

Step 6: Create a client script for Sales Order and in the field change event, write code for Primary Contact and Secondary Contact List field change, get respective emails and Contact Name(for Primary Contact). Deploy the script and test for any Sales Order, if on selection of Primary Contact and Secondary contact, respective emails and contact name is populated or not.

contact info

Now use the emails and contact name while sending emails.

Hope this small tip will help you ๐Ÿ™‚



Tip 8: How to set dynamic CC field value in Workflow SendEmail action in Netsuite

Recently I got a very interesting requirement from one of my client.


User will create a Sales Order record, email will be sent to customer’s multiple contacts through workflow.

Existing Feature:

Netsuite provides a CC textbox field in Send Email action in workflow where you don’t have option to select any field.

Then how to fetch it???

After exploring in different ways I got a solution for it which I like to share with you all.


Create a “Text Area” field let’s say “Contact Emails(custbody_contact_emails)” in Sales Order record and populate the Contact’s emails with comma(“,”) separated.

Contact Emails

In the Send Email action of workflow, set that custom field id ({custbody_contact_emails}) in the CC fieldย  and save the state.


Now execute the workflow and check, email is sent to the CC emails too ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Isn’t it simple???



Tip 7: Wanted to check who has updated which feature and when in Netsuite-> setup -> enable features???

Hey guys,

Was searching for how to check who, what and when enabled/disabled any feature in Setup – Enabled feature. Was trying with Audit Trail saved search, System Note saved search and what not. After so much mesh, I find the way and wanted to share with you, so that you can save the time that I have wasted.

Its very simple:

Go to: Setup -> Enable Feature


In the upper right most side you will see a link “more“.

Hover over it. You will see a link “Audit Trail”.


Click that and see ๐Ÿ™‚

audit trail

Got your solution.

Isn’t it that simple???